How to Slash Your Makeup Budget With Just One Cream

Ever wondered how those Korean artistes have such porcelain skin? ( mink lashes) The secret is out now! They attribute their flawless complexion to the BB cream. Is it really so miraculous? Well, the BB cream, also known as the blemish balm cream, seems to have so many great effects that just one tube can solve most of your makeup woes 100 mink eyelashes .

In addition, with the economic downturn, as we fret on how to save on our makeup, this invention has come in very handy. The problem is with so many BB creams in the market now, how do we dete 100 mink eyelashes 100 mink eyelashes rmine which one to buy?


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Check the bottle for the the following benefits to narrow down your choices.

1) It can be used as your day moisturizer giving you the needed moisture and protection (which means you get to save on your day moisturizer) for your skin.
2) It can also be used as a beauty serum, giving your skin that needed 100 mink eyelashes 100 mink eyelashes sbeauty boost.
3) It should come with SPF protection so that we can throw out on that sunscreen lotion and there is no need to worry on those freckles or pigmentation caused by the UV rays!
4) Long use of it can even lighten those troubled spots on the face.
5) It can be used as the perfect makeup base, ensuring that your 100 mink eyelashes100 mink eyelashesmakeup foundation does not collapse after long hours of wear.
6) It is a makeup foundation and is able to cover your blemishes perfectly
7) It should give you a natural look, just as if you aren’t wearing any 100 mink eyelashes 100 mink eyelashes makeup.
8) It is waterproof and sweat-proof so the foundation stays on nicely throughout the entire day.
9) It can be used as a concealer to blend the spots on your face.

With the above tips, we will be a wiser consumer.

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