What is the Best Makeup For Acne?

Acne can be a particularly distressing condition made worse by the fact that even after the spots themselves have gone,(http://www.dunhilllashes.com/lashes vendors)  the sufferer is often left with unsightly scars. Understandably, acne can affect self confidence and leave people feeling unattractive and depressed. There’s no doubt that wearing makeup can go some way towards restoring self confidence. However, applying makeup to skin affected by acne can be a challenge in itself. So what is the best makeup for acne sufferers 3d hair eyelashes ?

Choose wisely

Ideally, you need to choose a makeup that won’t worsen your existing condition and may actually help to improve it. There are a wide range of medicated products available and these can be a good option for those with acne. Avoid oil based formulas and look for something that is light and non-greasy. It’s also wise to consider a sensitive skin range as facial acne can cause skin to be easily 3d hair eyelashes 3d hair eyelashes irritated.


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Medicated concealer

If your acne scars are particularly bad, consider using a concealer to give additional coverage. A medicated one is best as this will help to prevent further breakouts. To get the best results, apply the concealer to the affected areas and blend with a clean finger. You can then apply your foundation over the concealer.

Consult a specialist

Everyone’s skin is different and therefore the exact combination of products that will give the best results will be different for everyone too. If you lack confidence in 3d hair eyelashes 3d hair eyelashes choosing the best make up products for you, consider consulting a specialist. Many department stores employ staff who have specialized training in this area and can give helpful, free advice.

Skin cleansing

If you suffer from acne it’s particularly important that you ensure the cleanliness of your skin prior to applying makeup. Always remove your makeup before 3d hair eyelashes 3d hair eyelashes going to bed at night and pay particular attention to keeping makeup brushes and tools scrupulously clean.

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