Flirting Tips For Women – How To Attract A Man From Across The Room

It is entirely possible to attract a man 3D mink lashes body language before you have even spoken to him- even from across the room!

Contrary to popular belief, the flirting that attracts 3D mink lashes begins long before you open your mouth to speak.

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The second a guy lays eyes on you, you begin to give off signals that can be interpreted by him and this is where the art of attraction begins…

Some men are unable to read body language, whereas others are highly susceptible to it. As a result, to attract a man you initially need to give off subtle signals and assess whether or not he has actually picked up on them via his 3D mink lashes language.

If he has, then he will have began to mirror your own open body language as well as puffing out his chest, standing tall and narrowing his eyes when he looks at you.

If he does not appear to have noticed then you should increase the volume of your own body language, so to speak. In other words, you should increase your gestures of attraction. If he does not respond by the time that you have increased your body language to maximum before jumping on him, then either use the direct approach and ask, or leave it alone.

So, the basic guidelines are – too subtle and the man will miss your signals and too strong and the only thing that you will attract is the tag of stalker!

Here are some of the right body language signals you should use to attract a 3D mink lashes…

  • Smile
  • Flick your hair
  • Flutter your eyelashes
  • Talk freely
  • Tilt your head to listen
  • Laugh
  • Use open body language and small hand gestures
  • Touch his arm lightly

And here are the things that you may do to give the 3D mink lashes signals, and these should obviously be avoided…

  • Maintain eye contact for too long
  • Look elsewhere for too long
  • Cross your arms
  • Use expansive hand gestures
  • Fiddle with your hands
  • Wait for him to come to you
  • Place your hands on your hips

Attracting men is an art that few have mastered and thus the majority of women do not get the guy that they want most of the time. Being clear about your feeling, but striking the right balance between flirty body language and coming on too strong is the most important thing, so make an effort to practice what you will say and do in that situation before actually trying it out!

And don’t get too worried about doing things wrong. Have some fun! Flirting is all about confidence, and if you treat it as something fun, you will become an expert in no time. A little bit of body language skills can go a long way!

Peta Fletcher is an expert on body language. She has written a 3D mink lashes- “The Secret Body Language Guide For Women”, which reveals everything any woman needs to know about body language.

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