Secret Tips on How to Use Cheap Makeup Without Letting It Look Cheap on Your Face

The truth is that nothing compares to high quality branded makeup. Cheap makeup just cannot compare in any way to the quality and standard you will get from expensive, branded makeup. But branded makeup is so expensive that not every person can afford it. A lot of people are living on tight budgets and can barely make it through the month. For them there is no other option but to purchase cheap makeup. If you think that you relate to the above described scenario you can benefit greatly by reading this article on cheap makeup as it will tell you how you can use it to make sure that it works out better for you. By learning the right techniques of using makeup you can forget about expensive and branded makeup and will never need them again 3d real siberian false  .

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100 siberian mink

Always make sure that when using makeup, never let it look cheap. By adding in a few more steps to your application procedure you can take away the low quality look of makeup. To begin with the first thing you need to start applying your makeup is a nice base which is done by applying foundation. When purchasing makeup, the best foundation you can get is by Cover Girl. Their foundation is very good and is quite 3d real siberian false  3d real siberian false  3d real siberian false  inexpensive at the same time. But getting a smooth application with this makeup foundation is not easy. For that the trick is to first moisturize your face will so that it glides on smoothly. However if you have an oily skin then before you apply makeup try adding a little water to your foundation to make it glide on better and look smooth and expensive 3d real siberian false  .

Adding water to your makeup foundation directly is not a good idea. Instead of that, just take a damp cloth, rub it lightly on your face, and then apply your foundation on to your wet face. Make sure that your face does not try up while you are applying your foundation. If it does, wet it again with the damp cloth you have. When you are done applying this foundation while using water or moisturizer, you will be amazed by the great flawless result that you will get. The next item required for your makeup is eye shadow. Before you can apply eye shadow on your eye lids make sure that you cover up your eye lids with a base. Here again, if you go for Cover Girl’s pressed powder, this will do great. Always avoid buying makeup cream because that brings out horrible creases and looks terribly cheap. If you purchase a pressed powder, that will still look good and will not show the cheap quality of the make you 3d real siberian false  3d real siberian false  used.

The trick to applying eye shadows is to have a good quality applicator. Never compromise on the quality of the applicator you have because that is the most important thing required for wearing makeup well. Another tip involved in using eye shadow is to only dab it on sparingly rather than applying thick layers. The lesser you use the lesser it will show that you are using cheap makeup. For mascara a great makeup is the Maybelline mascara which is even available in pink and green for days in which you want to dress up more funky and colorful. 3d real siberian false  3d real siberian false  If your mascara is starting to dry up just add a few drops of water and it will turn into liquid again and no one will know that you used cheap makeup.


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