How to Use Makeup to Look Mesmerizing

My guy was mesmerized by a picture of a Japanese star. ( mink lash vendors) He found her ordinary looking in her other photos but in this one, she looked gorgeous best siberian mink .

Same girl. Similar outfits. Yet,best siberian mink best siberian mink  in one photo she was mesmerizing, in another, just like every other girl.

The difference?



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Her eyes. In particular held his attention. That and her sensual lips. The way her mouth was slightly open, suggestively in those pictures.

Well, for starters, her eyes looked much bigger in that photo than in the other pictures. Here, the makeup artist employed eye makeup, for that smoky eye look.

That, paired with ultra long lashes give a best siberian mink best siberian mink girl mesmerizing eyes.

That is a tricky look to apply. Done wrongly, it can make eyes look smaller. Or worse still, it can make a girl look really old.

Done correctly, eyes look sultry and much bigger.

The trick is not to rim the entire eye.

Here’s what you can do.

First, use foundation and concealer if you must to create the illusion of perfect skin. If you need a touch of color, apply a rosy blush on cheeks, with a very light hand. For a hint of color. Spritz with water to set the makeup. Then place a kleenex over your face to soak up the excess moisture.

The eyes:

1. Line eyes with a dark brown eye liner best siberian mink best siberian mink pencil or khol:

Draw as close as possible along the upper lash line. Start from the inner corner of the upper eye lid and thicken the line as you move from mid eye onwards.

Draw as close as possible along the lower lash line. Line from the middle of the eye outwards.

2. Use the flat side of an eye shadow brush and go over the liner. Smudge slightly to soften the look.

3. Open up the eyes with long lush lashes. Get false eyelashes, follow the instructions and put them on. Use this lash kit [] to help you get started. Or you could use a lash curler on your eye lashes, then a lash-building mascara to make your eyelashes ultra long.

The lips:

1. Pick a lipstick in a soft, rosy pink shade.
2. Use a lip brush to paint the lipstick onto best siberian mink best siberian mink your lips.
3. Apply a pink lip gloss over your lips for that mouth-watering shine that makes your lips look oh so sensual.

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