Top 10 Basic Makeup Tools

Do you use a brush or a sponge? ( eyelash vendors wholesale)A sponge or a powder puff? There are so many brushes, which ones should you buy? For beginners, the number of tools available just to apply makeup can be overwhelming. It is true that one can get away with using nothing but their fingers to get the job done. To get it done well, however, requires a few staple brushes and some basic tools. Here are the top 10 on my list that should be in every woman’s makeup bag color mink fur lashes .

1. The powder brush – get one that is large, round and soft. color mink fur lashes color mink fur lashes Remember to tap off any excess powder to get a sheer, natural look.


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2. The blusher brush – the little brushes that usually come with your blush tend to leave harsh streaks and will never be as good as a proper blush brush to give you that soft glow. This brush can also be used for blending and bronzing.

3. A round-tip eyeshadow blending brush – these come in many sizes. You might like to get a demonstration done at the counter and go for one you like. If you are buying online, a medium sized one should be sufficient.

4. A soft flat-tip eyeshadow brush – you can use this color mink fur lashes color mink fur lashesfor eyeshadow, to line the lash lines, and even on the eyebrows.

5. A sponge-tip applicator – even the little drugstore ones will do. I find they work better than brushes for some eyeshadows, especially for intense shimmery colors.

6. A concealer brush – with a small tip for precise application on spots. You may not need this if you have perfect skin. It does, however, do a much better job than fingers can for spots.

7. A lip brush – especially handy for tubes of lip gloss and lipstick palettes, but also great to use for regular lipsticks.

8. Tweezers – possibly the first tool to get. A good one should not feel sharp on the skin and should make plucking easy.

9. Eyelash curler – Also worth getting a better quality one. You will need to change the rubber insert after some time, when it becomes ineffective.

10. Cotton tips – Have these handy especially to clean up color mink fur lashes color mink fur lashes any mishaps.

It is definitely worth investing in good quality brushes, as they will last you many happy years. You do not need to get them all at once. Remember, you already have the best tools – your fingers – and you can continue to use tools that come with the makeup palettes as you slowly build your collection.

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