Choosing Foundation Or Base Makeup by Skin Type

Definition of foundation, ( lashes wholesale) or base: A skin colored makeup applied to the face to cover blemishes, lines, dryness, oiliness, or uneven skin tones. If you already have perfect skin, you can stop reading this now. Ok, on to some honest, basic info for the rest of us ‘real women.’ We will go over some problem areas and give results of how to correct the appearance of each. There are five possible skin imperfections that foundation can help to minimize custom mink lashes :

1. Blemishes:
A. Start with a light oil free lotion.



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B. Use a blemish stick that calms and covers. Dab directly onto the blemish (using ring finger to blend if needed)
C. If step A leaves you feeling comfortable and confident, Don’t apply any more face makeup. If you need just a bit more coverage, skip to step E.
D. Apply an oil-free liquid base makeup with a sponge applicator. Pay special attention to the neck line, blending downward a bit to prevent a ‘mask’ look.
E. Seal the face by using a large brush to apply loose powder. Avoid custom mink lashes custom mink lashes  the compressed powders with the spongy applicators, as these close the pores to much, causing blemishes to become worse.

2. Lines:
A. Start with a facial lotion that contains spf. Blocking the sun out will help to prevent further wrinkles.
B. Apply a smooth satin, crème foundation with spf using a sponge applicator.
C. Use a large brush to apply loose powder, only if needed! Please skip this step if not needed. You will look lovely for about the first hour, but as the day wears on, the powder will seep into the lines, causing them to be more visible.

3. Dryness:
A. Start with a good all day moisturizer.
B. Apply a crème to powder foundation. This is done in one step usually. Most brands come with an applicator sponge. Use the one provided, as it will usually blend the best. Avoid using your fingers, as this can result in a ‘streaky’custom mink lashes custom mink lashes  look.
C. Lucky you, there is no step C, your base and powder were in one step!

4. Oiliness:
A. Don’t skip on the lotion. You may feel like you don’t need it, because your skin is oily. That is not true though. If you attempt to dry out the skin by avoiding lotion, your skin will produce even more oil. So go ahead and dab some oil free lotion on before your makeup.
B. Apply an oil free liquid base with a sponge applicator.
C. Dust the entire face with loose powder using a large brush.
D. If your face gets oily throughout the day. Do not apply more powder, as this will close the pores to much, producing even more oil and possibly blemishes.

5. Uneven Skin Tone:
A. Begin with a soft, silky lotion.
B. Choose a powder to base foundation that matches you neck. custom mink lashes custom mink lashes Apply with the sponge applicator that comes with the foundation.
C. That’s it, you look great. No need to keep applying more if the imperfection has been dealt with.

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