Flirting Tips For Women

Many eyelashes wholesale think that flirting is complicated, and are quite intimidated at the thought of doing it.

This can be true for some flirting techniques, but most women don’t realize how simple some flirting techniques can actually be.


For example, did you know that a warm smile, and regular eye contact, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to flirt?

It seems simple, but it can be devastatingly effective!

Now, you have to get this right- Your smile has to seem warm and friendly, or it wont work. And you can’t stare too much, otherwise you may actually intimidate the man (Guys get nervous as well, but they often wont admit it!).

Try to maintain eye contact for a few eyelashes wholesale , and then look somewhere else on the face for a few more seconds. Then look back at the eyes again, all the time smiling naturally.

Some women feel nervous maintaining eye contact, but I’ll let you in on a little secret that can make this much less intimidating…

Just look at the persons nose instead!

Unless you are really close the person, looking at the nose appears the same as looking at the eyes. But if you are shy or nervous, it’s much easier to look at the nose instead! You’ll appear more confident, seem more attractive to others, and no one will even know you’re not actually looking them in the eye!

Really, the power of smiling can not be understated.

Just think about it for a second… who wants to be around someone who looks grumpy, grouchy, and bored with life?

No one!

But everyone likes people who are eyelashes wholesale  and cheerful!

Smiling actually has another benefit that I haven’t mentioned yet… and this one can be quite surprising.

Most people assume that smiling is based on cause and effect.

eg: You are happy, and therefore you smile.

But studies have actually eyelashes wholesale  that it works both ways.

eg: You smile, and it makes you happy!

That’s pretty weird isn’t it?

But next time your feeling a little sad, try making a big cheesy grin for 5 minutes, and I’ll bet it cheers you up!

Anyway, what’s this got to do with flirting?

Simple… an important part of flirting is to relax. Relaxing shows you are confident and calm, which is much more appealing than someone who looks shy and nervous.

And the good thing with smiling, is that if you smile and start enjoying yourself, you can’t help but relax!

Another good way to relax eyelashes wholesale  trying to use your body language to attract men is to stand tall, put your shoulders back, and take a deep breath.

This helps you to calm down, but also has another effect. Standing tall with your shoulders back dramatically improves your posture.
You’ll seem sexier, more confident, and more fun… in just a matter of seconds!

I know it may seem simple, but these flirting techniques are very potent, and are great for beginners to get started with.

To summarize, when starting with flirting, you should:

  • Stand tall, with your shoulders back
  • Take a deep breath
  • Smile (The most effective flirting technique ever invented)
  • And maintain eye contact.

Guaranteed to have a eyelashes wholesale  effect on any man!

One thing people often ask me is “what should I do with my hands while flirting”?

Well, start by leaving your hands open, with palms facing upward.

This is a sign of honesty, and invites trust.

A very alluring flirting technique is to use your hands to flick, touch, or play with your hair. I’m not sure why this works, but it has an incredibly magnetic effect on men!

You really need to try this!

Just smile, and play with your eyelashes wholesale , whilst looking a man in the eye.

It really couldn’t be simpler, but you’ll find this technique works like magic, and will attract the interest of almost ANY man.

Another simple flirting technique is to flutter your eyelashes. You have to be careful with this one though. If you do it too much, you’ll just seem strange, or look like you have something in your eye! Try practicing it alone in front of a mirror, and only try it when you think you’ve got it looking natural.

Now all the above flirting tips are about attracting men in a safe, non sexual way. Some women may want to be more direct in their approach though, and for them I include this final tip.

This last flirting technique is overtly sexual in nature. It says to a man that your interested in sex, without actually saying it.

It’s simply to stroke something slowly. You can do this with your hair, a part of your body, or with objects around you at the time, such as glasses, a pencil etc.

If you do this while coyly smiling at a man, and maintain eye contact, he will instantly only have one thing on his mind!

Be very careful with this technique though- only use it if you know what you are doing! You really don’t want to be sending out these signals unless you are really sure about what you want! Don’t do this to a man you aren’t sure about, or if you don’t feel totally eyelashes wholesale .

There are situations where you can use this last technique safely though. It will work great on partners, husbands etc, and is sure to lead to a good time!

As you can see- flirting doesn’t need to be complex. There are other more advanced techniques that I haven’t mentioned, but the old saying is true… the simplest things in life are often the best, and it’s certainly true with flirting… The simplest flirting techniques in life are the most effective.


Peta Fletcher is an expert on body language. She has written a book- “The Secret Body Language Guide For Women”, which reveals everything any woman needs to know about body language.


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