Makeup Secrets For Luscious Lips

Lipstick application mistakes are obvious because the lips are usually the brightest colored part of the face, and stand out more starkly. These mistakes vary from too heavy on the lip liner, wrong color and ‘drawn on’ lips. If you want lips that look like an artist has applied the makeup, read on. fake mink eyelash factory

Apply foundation over the lips so you have a base for lipstick and fake mink eyelash factory fake mink eyelash factory liner.


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Use a sharp pencil when applying liner, never blunt. Sharper pencils will make blending simpler. Begin at the middle of the top lip and move out with short strokes. Continue on both sides and the bottom lip in the same way. Always follow your natural lip line; never waver.

For thinner lips follow the inside of the lip line. If you wish to make your mouth look fuller, follow the outside. This takes lots of practice, rest your hand on your chin to keep it steady. Do not allow your hand to wave around.

Applying liner to the entire lip then covering it all with lipstick on top of fake mink eyelash factory fake mink eyelash factory this base, tends to allow lipstick last longer. However, remember a darker liner will darken the overall look of your lip color. The color of the two should match as far as possible.

Lastly, use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. The brush will give you more control. Keep the lips closed and ensure lipstick has been applied to your entire mouth fully. Lay a tissue over the result and blot them dry.

Throughout the day, or night, you will need to keep the lips topped up with color. Hopefully these tips will prevent you having to do so too often. One of the upsides of applying lipstick frequently is that your lips remain moist, soft and ultimately kissable. Go for it.

Article Source: wfhair