At Last a Way to Help Women With Hair Loss

Women with mink 3d lashes loss seem to have been an ignored minority. While for years there has been extensive research and advertisements for male hair loss treatment there seems to have been no focus at all on womens hair loss, which is staggering really when you consider one in four women suffer from thinning hair.

There can wfhair be many reasons behind womens hair loss though, in fact some of it may just be a temporary mink 3d lashes such as stress or poor diet. One way to quickly test if you hair is actually coming out is to do the tug test, which is just simply grabbing about twenty hairs between thumb and forefinger and pulling them gently but firmly. If you have more than six come out then you are more than likely heading for permanent mink 3d lashes loss to some degree.

 mink 3d lashes
mink 3d lashes

What research has uncovered to help women with mink 3d lashes loss in these conditions, is that by using a blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical’s the thinning of the hair can be stopped and new hair grown. This is done by helping the body by giving it exactly what it needs at a cellular level rather than the male type treatment of reducing testosterone levels.

The main vitamins needed are the B vitamins, in particular B6 and 7. Vitamin B6 first of all is essential for metabolizing protein, which is the building blocks of all of your cells; as well as that it metabolizes your red blood cells and gets extra oxygen into them: this is important because the follicles feed off the oxygen. B7 which is also known as biotin is essential for hair growth, in fact it is so essential that if you are totally deficient in it you would have no eyebrows or eyelashes. Quite often biotin is given by dermatologists to promote hair growth.

An essential mineral that is needed as well is magnesium. The problem with magnesium is that we are virtually all deficient in it and it is vital for maintaining muscle, nerves and bones as the skins elasticity and mink 3d lashes. The reason for deficiency now is because the food we eat does not contain the nutrients it once did.

Finally a botanical that has been found to help women with hair loss is horsetail. The reason that this helps is because it improves circulation and also boosts skin rejuvenation. Now taken on their own these items may not amount to much (except for the biotin) but when blended together they prove to be really effective for women with mink 3d lashes loss.

When doing research for women with hair los I came across a short informative video which explains the reason behind hair loss and more about the treatment available. You can find the video.


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