Showers Galore!

mink eyelashes lash  you’re it. Yes you.

Want to know what you get to do now?

I can’t wait to tell you! (Giggle. Ok, Snicker…)

You, my friend, get the extensions private label task of coming up with party games to play at the next baby shower and wedding shower you attend. And no, you can’t get out of it. I don’t believe for a moment that you have the flu, that you lost the directions, or that you are trapped under something heavy and just can’t make it. Stop making excuses and start trying to be fun. I mean it.

mink eyelashes lash
mink eyelashes lash

The Baby Shower

What’s not to love about a baby mink eyelashes lash? The food is always good, and everyone is happy. The hostess asked you not to cook (she knows you THAT well), but instead requested that you think of some fun things to do at the party. After breathing into a paper bag for a few extensions private label, you regain your composure and agree to her request.

You talk to friends, family and co-workers (who start suspiciously mink eyelashes lash your mid-section until you reassure them for the 20th time you aren’t the one who is expecting)…. and you actually come up with a few things that don’t leave you wanting to spend the afternoon plucking out your extensions private label instead.

The Baby Shower Word Scramble Game:

In this game you scramble the words of baby items and give prizes to the person who unscrambles the most words. This is a lot more fun when you make it difficult. Seriously, how much fun would it be to see the mink eyelashes lash trying to figure out all those all extensions private label up words?

Measure the Mommy:

This game is always fun! Just have everyone cut a length of ribbon that they use to guess the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly (or ankle or head…whatever you wish). The closest one to the actual size wins.

What’s in The Diaper:

This one is just gross… but is pretty funny. For this one you will need mink eyelashes lash diapers. In each, you will melt a candy bar and then the guests get to guess what type is in each one. Trust me, this really looks gross!

The Wedding Shower

It’s your brother’s wedding that is looming on the horizon. His fiancée is from another part of the country (fortunately you like her, so all is good), and you’ve been appointed to handle this get together since you are so in the know about who should be there. Oh, did I mention you are also supposed to provide the icebreakers for her friends and family that will be here?

So you try to get creative, and you actually come out ok. You decide to butter them up with a few thoughtful gifts just to be safe. For your new sister-in-law to be… a personalized monogrammed candle, a set of English Garden soaps, and a bottle of Lollia Inspire Bubble Bath were all waiting for her when she got to town. For your brother (who you still want to strangle for passing this task on to you)….a monogrammed money clip complete with some mink eyelashes lash money tucked in (a private joke between the two of you. Then you bust out a great game to break the ice.

Two Truths – One Lie:

A real get to know you game. This is a fun game, especially when you know what some of the lies are since you are friends with some of those involved! (It’s funny when those that don’t know them get them wrong!)

Everyone states two truths and one lie about extensions private label, and everyone else has to guess which one is the lie.

For example: I have read every James Patterson book written. I have a terrible allergy to water. I once ate a beetle. After everyone has gone, the person with the most correct guesses wins.

This next game idea will make the bride to be blush!

Creative Story Game:

mink eyelashes lash
mink eyelashes lash

Appoint someone in the group to write down everything the bride to be says while opening her gifts (i.e. – I’ve never seen one of these before!… How did you know this is what I wanted?… Wow!… You get the picture). When all of the gifts have been opened, and all comments recorded, make up a story about her wedding night including all of the lines that have just been written down- these are to describe what is going on during her honeymoon. Guaranteed to make her want to hit you with one of those new monogrammed cutting boards she just opened…

So after the parties are over and you’ve redeemed yourself, you can vow to never again be tagged extensions private label. Ok, well maybe not vow, that’s a strong word if you are still single, but next time they won’t get off so easy!

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