Save the Planet Through Makeup Recycling Programs

Makeup recycling programs have become increasingly popular. Many makeup companies participate in some form of recycling and have started to share a commitment to the environment. Companies like M.A.C make it easy for you to return empty makeup containers and feel great about doing something to help the environment. Many of us simply throw away are empty makeup containers in the trash without even thinking about what happens to them afterwards. Well the truth is are makeup containers, tubes, jars, etc. account for a huge portion of are landfill waste. Landfill sites are becoming full. If you care about the environment and want to contribute your part in saving it then you should try to buy from makeup companies that have makeup recycling programs mink fake eyelashes  .

Companies with Makeup Recycling mink fake eyelashes  mink fake eyelashes  Programs:


They will accept any of their containers, bottles, tubes, and jars for recycling and as an incentive they often reward their customers with free products. It can’t get any better than that. I love freebies! You get rewarded for doing something good for the environment.

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100 siberian mink


I love M.A.C. cosmetics. Their eye shadows are amazing because they are highly pigmented and I can’t get enough of all the colors. However, their makeup can get a little pricey. This is why I love their makeup recycling program. If you return six M.A.C primary packaging containers to a M.A.C counter then you get one free lipstick of any color you like. Again more freebies! M.A.C lipsticks are not cheap, so this is a mink fake eyelashes mink fake eyelashes  mink fake eyelashes  great way to get to try some of their lipsticks out.


I love The Returns to Origins Recycling Program. This company is really committed to saving the planet any way they can. Origins accepts any empty bottles, jars, makeup tubes, etc. FROM ANY BRAND! It does not have to be from Origins. All you have to do is go to an Origins retail store or a department store and drop off your containers. In addition, Origins products are mostly plant based and organic. They use ingredients like avocados, ginger, basil, and so many more.


Along with the other makeup recycling programs mink fake eyelashes mink fake eyelashes mink fake eyelashes mentioned above, Aveda has a great program called Recycle Caps. Aveda knows that most caps that don’t get recycled end up in rivers, oceans, etc. Because many recyclers don’t accept rigid polypropylene (AKA: #5). of this, Aveda introduced their Recycle Caps program in 2008. Any time you purchase lotions or shampoos from Aveda make sure and save the caps. Aveda accepts any of their caps for recycling and in addition they accept soda caps, milk caps, and other beverage caps. You can drop off your caps at any of their stores. For list of what they accept mink fake eyelashes  mink fake eyelashes  mink fake eyelashes  visit

Do Your Part with Makeup Recycling Programs:


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