The Mineral Makeup Industry Welcomes Naked Minerals

Cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. ( eyelash vendors) And the fastest growing segment within the industry is that of mineral  mink false eyelashes 


100 siberian mink
100 siberian mink

Before we discuss the newest entry into what is becoming a fairly crowded market – one with the intriguing name, Naked Minerals – it may prove useful to first discuss mineral makeup in general and explain what it is that American women are finding so appealing about this particular type of cosmetic mink false eyelashes  .

Over the past 30 years or so, consumers have become highly attuned to the health factors that relate to the products they purchase. This is especially so for consumable items, such as foods. Lately this concern has spread to cosmetics, skin care and other beauty products. The result is that traditional cosmetic products, which are comprised largely of chemical additives, have come under the microscope for the potential damaging effects that they can have on women’s bodies, and in particular, their skin.

A widespread movement away from chemical-based makeup and towards more natural ingredients has taken the stage. And the major player on this stage is mineral makeup mink false eyelashes .

It is somewhat easier to classify mineral makeup by what it does not contain than by any specific definition or delineation of its ingredients. The one common component in all mineral makeups, not surprisingly, is that they contain minerals extracted from the earth. These minerals often include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides. The basic concept is that because the minerals are inorganic, bacteria cannot survive in the makeup and so cannot be absorbed through the skin. In addition, in a properly manufactured mineral makeup, the mineral mink false eyelashes   mink false eyelashes  particles are of sufficient size so they cannot penetrate the skin or clog up the skin’s pores.

A mineral makeup that is pure also contains inorganic pigments which are combined to achieve the desired skin tone or color. In addition to containing no artificial coloring, no fragrances or preservatives or fragrances should be present (as they are in traditional chemical-based makeup).

Naked Minerals, which has only very recently been introduced to the market, and then only on a limited basis, is one such pure mineral makeup. It contains no animal byproducts, parabens, lanolin, perfumes, chemical colorings, fillers, or vegetable dyes. In fact, Naked Minerals is the only mineral makeup whose purchase is accompanied by a 100% natural Certificate of Authenticity from the manufacturer that covers the entire product line. Many cosmetics companies market their products as being pure, and while their foundations may be, they also mink false eyelashes   mink false eyelashes  include various unnatural and often irritating ingredients in their eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

The other unique feature of this mineral makeup is that it is pulverized and pressed. The minerals are first sterilized and then pulverized to create pure, almost weightless particles, so when applied to the skin, it seems almost weightless, leaving the skin feeling light and free. Naked Minerals is then pressed, mink false eyelashes   mink false eyelashes  so that, unlike its competitors, it contains no loose powders. So it is not messy to apply, nor does it spill or rub off on one’s clothes.

It is water resistant, contains a natural sun screen as well as expensive Neroli oil, an extract from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, which acts as a skin softener and mood relaxant. For those with blemishes, acne or other skin problems, it masks these unseemly areas in a manner that makes them mink false eyelashes   mink false eyelashes  invisible to other people, all the while leaving the skin with a childlike natural and healthy glow.

One application can last a full twenty four hours and one can freshen the makeup by simply applying a quick burst from the mist spray that is included. It is available in four skin tone colors and can be used by women of all skin types and ages.

As mentioned above, this is a new beauty product that has only recently been released. The feedback from those who have been fortunate enough to test Naked Minerals has been mink false eyelashes   mink false eyelashes  extremely positive. In fact, a surprising number of users have expressed interest in themselves becoming resellers of the product. The full scale national marketing campaign for the product is scheduled to commence later this spring, and we expect the ‘buzz’ for Naked Minerals to be loud and very upbeat.

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