Mineral Makeup Basics – What Is It?

You may have seen infomercials about mineral makeup on television, (http://www.dunhilllashes.com/eyelash vendors) or you may have passed by a store in the mall that sells them exclusively. Some of the more popular makeup companies have even started to integrate mineral products into their product lines, and we see these in the drugstores and “big box” stores now, too. Mineral makeup seems to be everywhere popular false eyelash extensions !


100 siberian mink
100 siberian mink

Although it seems to be exploding right now, the mineral makeup revolution actually started back in the 1970s in San Francisco. The basis of the products is that they are made of natural, finely ground products from the earth. There are a myriad of products made from minerals, but the most popular are the loose powder foundations and blushes. These light, finely ground products are buffed into the skin using a big, fluffy makeup brush. Like all cosmetics, there is a wide range of pricing on these items, anywhere from $10 or less to $50 and upwards popular false eyelash extensions .

Because they are from the earth, are these mineral products better for your skin? There are varying opinions on this claim. Fans of these items love the light and natural glow that they say they don’t get with traditional makeup. Critics of the products say they are drying and can accentuate wrinkles. Also, an   popular false eyelash extensions ashy undertone is one complaint heard from users with ethnic skin tones.

Most people give these products a try because they are drawn to the claims that it is better for your skin to use the natural minerals from the earth. Some dermatologists say that the ingredients in these mineral formulations, like mica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide have been used in makeup for decades and popular false eyelash extensions popular false eyelash extensions  have no special benefits to skin at all over traditional foundations and blushes in a mineral formulation makeup.

So you have your fans of the products who will use nothing else but mineral makeup, and you have your other consumers who say the products do not work for them. Is this sounding familiar popular false eyelash extensions popular false eyelash extensions to you? It seems all types of makeup and skincare has varying opinions on its effectiveness.

The best way to know if these products will be a good match for your skin popular false eyelash extensions popular false eyelash extensionsis to go out and try them for yourself. Be sure to do your homework first! Just because a mineral makeup is made of products from the earth does not mean there are not other ingredients in there that are not natural, and some may even be “bad” for your skin! Take a look at the ingredient list, and then visit the various databases online where you can look up cosmetic ingredients to see what they are derived from. You may be shocked at what you find in your “natural” product!

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and you only want to put safe and high quality ingredients on it at all times. Like all cosmetic products, mineral makeup is comprised of a variety of ingredients. You want to make sure the mineral makeup you purchase is comprised of ingredients that are non-toxic and good for your skin!

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