Are There Harmful Ingredients in Makeup? Do You Really Know What is in The Makeup That You Use?

When you wear conventional makeup and cosmetics on your face and body, ( lashes vendor) you are – literally – putting dozens and dozens of unnatural chemicals onto and ultimately, into your body – these (harmful) chemicals are slowly absorbed into your skin through   real mink eyelash wholesale your pores real mink eyelash

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When you consider what you are going to put on your skin and on your lips, you should ask yourself, “would I eat this?”, because almost everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your precious bloodstream and some of these chemicals, in the long-run, can make you ill. In some foundations, formaldehyde is present, as well as parabens which are used as preservatives in a lot of the so-called natural cosmetics because of the natural ingredients. Lipstick and lip products contain pertoleum, benzophenone and phenol which are not something that you want to be that close to your mouth. Do you?



It has been determined that phenol can cause diarrhea in some   real mink eyelash wholesale people and the benzophenone can cause hormonal problems in some people. The formaldehyde that is present in foundations is a skin irritant that can make your skin problems – that   real mink eyelash wholesale you are trying to cover up – much worse.

When you purchase cosmetics and other makeup, look for all natural ingredients that will do your skin some good, or at the least, ingredients that cause no harm. If you take really good care of your skin, watch what you eat, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and get an ample real mink eyelash wholesale  amount of exercise, you may not even need to cover your skin artificially.

There are a lot of makeup that you can purchase that will not have real mink eyelash wholesale real mink eyelash wholesale you asking “is makeup good for your skin”, because you will know that what you put on your is the best that nature has to offer. Is makeup good for skin? Some is, some most certainly are not. Choose wisely.

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