The Popular Types of Makeup

Makeup has been in existent for many centuries now. ( eyelash vendors wholesale) It is used to enhance the body’s appearance, especially that of the face. It is also designed to alter facial appearance without surgical measures and without affecting the face’s structure.

In the Western part of the world, men and women use makeup for a variety of purposes. In fact, there are different types of makeup available for every part of the face. Lipstick, actually, is among the most popular types of makeup. It is applied to the lips to add color and texture. It contains waxes and oils to let the color remain on the lips. Also, it is mostly worn by women. However, there are also special lipsticks for men. They are referred to as “mansticks” and they are normally used by theater actors synthetic eyelash,natural .


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Blushers or rouges are also popular types of makeup. They are basically applied to the cheeks or to the cheekbones to create a rosy, healthy look. Usually, they are made of talcum-based powders with additional pigments, and they are applied to the cheeks by using soft brushes. Blushers are also known to be worn by women. Then again, even the males wear them. In fact, the men of the 1800s used to apply rouges to their cheeks during England’s Regency period. Additions to the popular types of makeup are foundations. The foundation is actually regarded as the base or the makeup that is applied on the face to smooth out the blemishes, flaws, and complexion. It is also applied to create even skin tone. Moreover, it is available in assorted colors, formulations, and coverage types. Some are emollient and oil based while others are powdered. More women actually prefer the powdered types because it synthetic eyelash,natural synthetic eyelash,natural provides better coverage. It also readily adhered to the skin tone.

One of the newest and most likable types of makeup is the mineral makeup. It is lightweight and it is said to provide the best coverage. Plus, it is friendlier to the skin. It is very trendy and you can find it in almost any store. Anyway, mascaras are also among the common types of makeup. They are used to make the eyelashes appear thicker, fuller, darker, and longer. They either come in cream or liquid form. Also, they are applied by means of mascara wands. The earliest mascaras were made of Vaseline and coal dusts blended together. However, the mascaras now are made of pigment, wax thickeners, and water.

On the other hand, eye shadows are the types of makeup that are applied on the eyelids. Sometimes, they are also applied under the eyebrow area to emphasize the eyes. They complement the color of the eyes as well as create dimension and depth. In addition, eye shadows are available in a variety of synthetic eyelash,natural synthetic eyelash,natural colors. They are usually made from powder and mica, and are among the favorite cosmetics of women. Nonetheless, these types of makeup are also sometimes used by men.

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